Wine Residual Income – Wine Lovers Membership Club

This Company was Created to share an Amazing Opportunity of enjoying something you Love “WINE” and receiving Residual Income from it. We have discovered the Direct Cellars Membership Club which, is a relationship business.

Have you ever thought about Living Life on your terms? Say goodbye to your morning commute, politics in the office and daily grind. Say Hello to a growing industry you can do virtually anywhere.


As a Direct Cellars Representative you have a partnership that can create the residual income that will support your lifestyle and you are never left alone.

Wine is known as the elixir (guaranteed to induce love) of life. It has been around for centuries, a literal gift from the GODS, used to celebrate and reflect on ones life, life achievements and social occasions.

Fine Wines are created around the globe. Now available in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and Germany. You owe it to yourself to be trying them. Whether you want to just enjoy the Fine Wine yourself, or be a part of our vision of sharing this with others. With Direct Cellars, you will be looking for those moments because you will have something that makes each moment remarkable…..FINE WINE

We are Growing…and we are looking for people that want to have a lot of fun, enjoy fine wine and make a great income in doing so. The partnership as a Representative with Direct Cellars is awesome. Low investment, an opportunity of a lifetime. Direct Cellars handles from wine novices to wine enthusiasts with unbelievable customer service.



Get In, Get Wine, Get Social


Fine Wines are just a few clicks away! Now you don’t even have to leave your home. They come right to your door. And you get this Amazing Experience with each and every glass. Whether you are one that enjoy Red, White or both, fine wine is worthy of your wine cellar.


These are not your everyday even top shelf wine that you find at the store and you pay $20.00 for.  Direct Cellars gets Wines from 10 Countries and has great relationship with over 2000 Wineries across the world.  So trust me you will absolutely love the product and the price.

Now remember these are Wines that people pay  60 dollars and up for.  We get them shipped for 1/3 that cost.  So trust me when I say you will love Direct Cellars Wine Membership Club.


wine gifts delivered

Direct Cellars

  • Membership has it’s rewards. We get amazing Fine Wine from around the world shipped directly to our door. Hand picked by Wine Experts. (sommeliers)  We get these Wines at member pricing—allowing us to have Wine worth 2 and 3 times what we get them for.  What’s incredible is the Referral Program, when you refer 3 you get your Wine Free for Life.

All Natural Fine Wine

  • These are all single vineyard fine wines that they still make the same way they did thousands of years ago, these are true creations of time and care allowing the flavors to happen.
  • These wines will amaze you, You will never be able to go to the store again and have cheap wine. When you have all natural wines that do not have the added chemicals then you truly taste the flavors of the wine.
  • You also do not get the sick feeling the next day, because they do not add sulfates to slow the fermenting process.
  • These wines are sometimes created from grapes that have been part of a family for years. So literally these grape strands have been passed through years of family members to get to be the wine you drink today.


You will receive wine from around the world and experience the wine life like your traveling the world to each region of the world. Direct Cellars had a great relationships with over 2000 wineries around the world and in 10 countries.

So you literally travel the world in flavors from these wines. Now tasting fine wines from regions of the world that we would otherwise never experience, Live the fine life and experience the wine life!!!


Benefits of Wine 

Natural stress reliever, Wine has the ability to depress the stress away.  It literally allows us to  remove the “small stuff” and be able to relax.


               wine party 2

With our Exclusive Wine Club at Direct Cellars, you not only get access to New Fine Wines each and every month, you will receive detailed information on the Wines themselves, where they come from and suggestions on food pairing. You will learn and have a road map for a perfect “Event” with your Fine Wine and Food pairing.


fine wine enjoymentWine, it complements so many foods and food experiences.  A fine wine pairing can make any meal into an Event, and more so a lasting memory.  Take a moment to think about the last time you had a truly fine wine?  Do you remember?  With a Fine Wine you can remember everything.  Something magical happens with each event that has Wine included… it does something remarkable.

Ever tried the taste sensations with the perfect Fine Wine and grapes, Soft White Cheese, Blue Cheese Assortment, or Gouda Cheese? It start with Fine Wines. Then you pair it with the perfect Foods. From Food pairing such as Fruit, Chocolate, to the complete dish to accompany the Fine Wine and turn the Meal into a Wine Social Event. “Wine makes Magic”


From a graduation, to a job promotion.  From a first date to a wedding dinner.  Events and life’s moments fine wine enjoymentare always better with wine. With the fine wines you receive from around the World through Direct Cellars.  This give you everything you need to make an event an experience that is not soon forgotten; thanks to the magic of wine.  There are birthdays, and celebrations throughout the year.  Why not have the perfect addition to make the moments magical by having a Fine Wine to make it a truly memorable.


Choose Red, White or Both!

fine wine enjoyment fine wine enjoyment

Whether it is a Red or a White.  You can get one, the other, or some of each.  Amazing flexibility and yet, all are so tasty.

Not to mention the elements of Romance and Worry-Free attitudes that come with a Glass of a Fine Wine.  It relaxes, soothes, and aides stress relief.  A Red Wine carries health benefits, as well as the ability to fight the damages of aging, and health caused by our everyday stress.

You will be able to make the simplest of dinners become a romantic and loving affair.  There is something about it, and it often lets the worries fade away and the strings of the heart to embrace and bond

The options are almost endless. Enjoy Fine Wine, share with others, and get paid.


   Wine Pourers 

 Ozeri Nouveaux ll – Electric Wine Opener comes in Red, Black or Silver  with cutter, Wine Pourer and stopper.

  • Features a European inspired curved design with ergonomic grip that stands vertically without the need for a separate base stand.
  • Ships with a wine pourer & stopper and a patent-pending removable lid that converts into a foil cutter.
  • Newly designed motor now opens up to 60 bottles on a single charge, all with the single push of a button.
  • Unique transparent shell makes the entire cork removal process visual.
  • Illuminates with a soft blue light when in use and while recharging.


       Wine Refrigerator

Ivation 18 Bottle Thermoelectric Red And White Wine Cooler/Chiller Counter Top Wine Cellar with Digital Temperature Display, Freestanding Refrigerator Smoked Glass Door Quiet Operation Fridge
 WINE COOLER (wine Cellar / Wine Chiller) A MUST HAVE: The only way to protect the quality and taste of your wines long or short term, and ensure it AGES at a consistent level, the wine has to be stored in the correct environment and CONSISTENT TEMPERATURE, (ideally in the range of 55° F) This free standing innovative wine cooler will protect your red or white wine, preserving its quality and rich flavors, so you could enjoy its real taste to the fullest.
  • PERFECT Stable TEMPERATURE: The Ivation cooler enables you to store your wines short & long term in a consistent stable temp environment, and allows you to customize the temp to one that creates an ideal climate for your wines ageing process (Range 54º – 64ºF (12º – 18ºC), therefore bringing out the true characteristics and full flavor of your wines in the long-term.
  • HUMIDITY, MINIMAL LIGHT: Insulated with Solid polyurethane heavy foam (CFC-free) & Closed with Thermopane doors that are tempered smoked, to ensure an interior odor-free environment that maintains constant humidity, keeping the cork from drying out, thus preventing more air to come into contact with the wine, also to ensure darkness, blocking out sunlight and harmful UV rays that breaks down the complex molecules that create the special flavors in properly aged wines.
  • NO VIBRATION & SUPER QUIET: Specially built with an Energy-efficient thermoelectric cooling system with no compressor, to minimize the vibration effect and noise, allowing your wine to age and settle properly, with no disturbance to its natural occurring sediments.
  • FEATURES: Sleek design with exterior digital Touch controls and LCD temp (°F/°C) Soft interior lighting with on/off control 100% Customer Satisfaction GUARANTEED.



Image result for Floating Money Clip Art

There are few opportunities more exciting today than Network Marketing. This $180 billion dollar industry continue to experience explosive growth year after year, and with the advances in technology and social media there’s never been a better time to take your Financial Future into you own hands and start a home base business with residual income.


DECIDE HOW MUCH MONEY YOU WANT TO MAKEWhen you’re building a road map to success, it’s helpful to know you ultimate destination. Knowing you goals allows you to make a plan, manage them, and make them happen.

So, the first step with Direct Cellars is to deciding what success looks like for – you, or in other words, how much money you want to make.

Success means different things to everyone; you goal might be to make enough money to payoff a lingering credit card bills, or it might be to replace a full-time income. But whatever you financial goal, it helps to write it down. Taking a firm stance and deciding just how money you want to earn will help you motivate yourself to take the steps necessary to get there.

DEFINE YOUR WHY Running you own business is incredibly rewarding, but it’s not always easy! No matter how smart or dedicated you are, there’s bound to be speed bumps on the road to success. Knowing you why can help you stay motivated doing the challenging times in you business.

When you’re defining you why, remember it needs to be something that is truly meaningful to you. It has to be something more than money, While money can motivate to a certain point you’ll need a deeper, more meaningful why (like providing a more stable future for you family or having the freedom and flexibility to travel) to stay motivated for the long-term.

BELEIVE Personal Success is first, believing in yourself, building self-esteem, loving yourself and having self-confidence. The ability to believe in yourself can change you life. “Belief is a state of mind”

The last key to success with Direct Cellars is really the key to success in life – you’ve got to believe! Believe in yourself, in Direct Cellars and in the opportunity of Network Marketing. When you genuinely believe in you ability to succeed, suddenly finding success just becomes more natural. The more you believe, the earlier success come.



Image result for wine business

You started a new business, you’re excited and hungry, you want other people to join you however, you don’t consider yourself a sales person. So what do you do? Here are 11 tips to help you start a small business.


(1).  Be confident, be you – Let’s start with you. You might be overly nervous or scared because this is probably totally new to you, but just like anything else in life you, can learn this. You can master anything. It’s all in you mindset. Like a toddler learning to walk “NO” is not an option. So keep getting up, keep pushing forward and remember keep laughing all the way.

(2).  Act like a leaderFake it until you make it. Now I am not saying be fake, because when you are acting like yourself, you’re are being genuine and things like Transparency, Honesty, Integrity, are the currency of our business economy today. But maybe you are not feeling like an expert yet, and that’s where we’d encourage you to have a vision for yourself. (If vision boards are you is your do that!) Just remember to hold you head high, set obtainable goals, make an action plan and get to work. Leaders Know the way… Show the way… Go the way. You’ve got this!

(3).  Don’t verbal vomit – Facts tells, stories sell Get good at telling you story and just being you. No one like to be sold, so just be you genuine self.  More people than you think my relate to you story, and those that don’t, well… they aren’t meant for your story.

(4).  Build Relationships– Direct Cellars is a relationship business and you want to make you prospects feel important.  You may heard the quote, “People don’t care about how much you Know, they want to Know how much you care.”   So you might be wondering why a total stranger will embark on a business journey with you.  If, being honest most likely they won’t. Our ability to connect with people and build relationships is all about how we’re able to relate, find those common treads that make us say inside “Yeah” me to.

So, remember this business is a two-way street and really get to Know the people you’re talking to.  Find out who they are, what they’re passionate about and what they’re looking for and even what scares them.  This process takes time, but it’s well worth it even because if you lose a sale you gain a friend. Getting Rich quickly is unlikely, but, with time, you can not only be rich in your social circles also wealthy beyond your wildest dreams.

(5).  Pay attention to body language– People will give you clues, pay attention to facial expressions and body language.   Are their arms crossed? Do they look impatient or are they open, warm, welcoming and agreeing to what you are saying? Take time to notice…. Success leaves Clues

(6).  Don’t complain– We all do it, but it’s a total waste of time.  Think about all things you could be accomplishing instead. Onward…. Let’s Go!

(7).  Stay passionate and positive– Attitude is everything these days. It’s going to be hard.  In fact, some days you may want to quit.  Be a strong, resilient attitude is the key ingredient to success in any field today.   So, protect you mindset and surround yourself with like-minded people who are going in the same direction you are! People are attracted to high energy, positively!

(8).  Paint a picture people can relate to– Whenever you’re talking about you Direct Cellars or any other business, showcase a day in the life and help you prospects see what this opportunity could be like for them. Imagine… Being you own boss, waking up whenever you eyes open, traveling more, spending more time with family, an extra $500 dollars a month, this is a pretty picture if you ask us!

(9).  Use the systemWe created an extremely easy system in which you can share videos to get the conversation going about DC.   It’s called Direct Cellars Connect and you can Download it Here today for FREE in the Google Play or Apple Store.

(10).  Invite– By using Direct Cellars Connect, you can invite others about our wine club offerings and find out what they’re looking for Fortune Favor the Bold– Ask for the join but don’t prejudge.  People will often surprise you. Expect “Yes” but don’t take “No” personally. “No” often mean “not right now.”.   The Fortune is in the follow-up and again, this is a relationship business so continue getting to Know them, and with time, they may start exploring the world of wine with you each month.

(11).  Build a team– If you are serious about building a team, be selective.   Align with people who share you values and spend time with those who deserve it, not demand it. Building a team can be rewarding but can be challenging. Be prepared to answer questions and be a mentor.  You can design the life you want with Direct Cellars, it just take a little time, focus, commitment, and resilience.


Now get out there, meet some people, make some mistakes but most importantly, have fun and remember to turn you doubts into determination.  Because with these simple 11 tips, you can be living the life of you dreams this year.



                           So let’s get you started building you on Wine Business!!!

The key to success is the right opportunity and Direct Cellars provides a flexible earning opportunity with the potential to build an income from you Customer Base.  An Opportunity you deserve an Experience you will Love.






  1. Daniel

    I must say that this article is very informative and educational. Wine is one of the most popular drink around the world and I drink it regularly as a preventive. I heard that it is good for heart and blood vessels as it reduces the risk of heart attack. My favorite one is red wine. I will definitely take a closer look at Direct Cellars

    • admin

      Thank you Daniel for your comment, I love sharing this opportunity. Being apart of the Direct Cellars Family is amazing, Wine every month delivered to your door and you choose White or Red. 3 and Free sold me.
      I will be pairing food with wine soon. Book Mark my page! If you interested CHECK OUT>

  2. Kenechi

    Thiis  your wine residual income, how does someone earn from it. I read it but didn’t comprehend properly. Is the income  basically for people who run a referrals to your company. Is it only until I refer people to your company before I can earn? I really need to understand how it actually works.

  3. Emmally

    So it’s an MLM for wine? Interesting concept that I could see really work for a lot of people. How great that you’re able to get prices that are so much lower for a better quality product. Personally I don’t drink wine or alcohol in general so this wouldn’t be anything for me but I can see how this would create a great community for those who have this interest in common. 

    • admin

      Thanks for your comment Emmally, It’s a community bonded together for the same cause. I didn’t drink wine or alcohol because it never interested me. I drunk champagne only to make a toast. I was invited to a Wine Tasting Social, which I attended. I was really amazed at the Fun I had and the taste of Fine Wine. I chose the 3 and Free option and have been enjoying Fine Wine every since. The Opportunity with Direct Cellars and their benefits has been a gift to me. I love sharing this with others, because it’s fun and easy.

      For more information:

  4. Babsie Wagner

    It’s like a wine of the month club.  That’s awesome, but of course, I’ll need more than one bottle a month for sure.  They look delicious, and I’m super excited about the vineyards.  I like that you state in the article that you literally travel the world in flavors from these wines.  That’s so awesome!  

    I also like the fact that the wines are all natural wines they don’t have the added chemicals so that you truly taste the flavors of the wine.  That’s so important, especially in this day and age.

    Thanks for sharing this.  Sounds like fun!!!

    • Tina Dale

      Well Babsie, not only is it a wine of the month club it’s an Business Opportunity. As a VIP Customer you get to choose 2 bottles per month, as a Rep 4 bottles per month. Just think Fine Wine from around the world, delivered to your door There are so many benefits with Direct Cellars.
      CHECK OUT>

  5. Kehinde Segun

    The is just lovely and amazing concept for lovers pf wine to mingle and connect with each other. I really like this idea. But you need to clarify somethings for me that i don’t really undrstand. is this wine membership club stand for profit for it members or just to associate with each other for networking? Please kindly help me out with these questions

    • admin

      I appreciate your comment Kehinde, It is truly a amazing opportunity and not hard work. I started as a VIP Customer just because I wanted the 3 and Free. After three months of sharing it with family and friends, I upgraded to Rep and having more fun at doing something I love. Never would I have thought that I could be my own Boss in a Wine Business. Best of all they do all the work and you have fun “with out stress”.

      CHECK OUT> for all you questions you need answered.

  6. Michel

    This sounds like a great opportunity for wine lovers. The best wines are delivered to you and you get to try wines that you probably wouldn’t have even thought about buying.

    Wine also makes an excellent gift, so if you know that you don’t enjoy that particular wine that they send, simply gift it out to another of your wine lover friends.

    Love the wine coolers too.  Interesting to see that this could also become a lucrative business for wine lovers, so it makes perfect sense for anyone who belongs to a wine club to join.

    • Tina Dale

      I appreciate your comment Michel and yes it is a great opportunity for wine lovers. The best part of this membership is that you get to taste Fine Wine from around the world, delivered to your door and 3 and it’s Free.
      If you are gifting Wine, you make the choice. CHECK OUT> For more information.

  7. Clement

    Thanks for this great review and inspiring post about fine wine and the wine membership.thanks for stating the benefits included. Thanks for providing a great insight into how to make residual income firm wine. I have once thought about creating a niche around wine sales. Can you provide me with tips on  how to go about it? 

    • Tina Dale

      No thank you Clement for your comment, I love sharing this Membership because it is more than a Membership. Take a look around my site with Direct Cellars and maybe you will find the answers you are looking for. I’m here if you need my help with anything else. CHECK OUT>

  8. Ayodeji

    Hi Tina Dale, 

    Good to be here again.You probably have touched on every point about wine posting here, giving others business opportunities about your wine company

    Love the points you shared about steps in starting a small business too. I can’t wait to dig deep and start utilizing the resources you have given me. Your exuberance is refreshing.

    • Tina Dale

      Ayodeji, I love to know that you are back again. I believe “to whom much is given, much is required’ it is my job to share and I am grateful for it. If anything I can help you with free feel to contact me. My link will give you more information…CHECK it OUT>

  9. Humayra


    I have read your article with full concentration and understood that this is a great opportunity for wine lover who want to earn residual income and also direct access to wine lovers membership clubs. Since this is direct communication from wine production authority, there is no need to be worry about middle person’s profit. I have many friends who are wine lovers and will be interested to promote these business. I am going to share it with them. Thanks for sharing this helpful information.

    • Tina Dale

      I appreciate your comment and interest. Humayra, this is a great opportunity and the benefits are Awesome. You have the choice to chose wherever you want to start. Whether, you just want to enjoy Wine delivered to your door every month or build a business with residual income. Just take a look at My Direct Cellars site for information,
      CHECK it OUT> If you need my help with anything else feel free to connect me,

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