Best Wine Club Membership

If you are looking for the Best Wine Club Membership with great opportunity of making Residual Income. Furthermore, it is something truly amazing to share with other Wine Lovers and Friends; Direct Cellars has Fantastic Benefits, they are taking it around the Globe. We are building relationships in the USA, UNITED KINGDOM, GERMANY, AUSTRALIA! We are growing into MEXICO and CANADA, this is a wine of the month club that is already growing at record paces. Come join the Team and experience Fine Wine from around the Globe.  As a VIP Customer or a Representative take a look at what we are looking for:


Wine Lovers who want to:

  • Learn about Fine Wine
  • Have Wines Hand Picked by Sommeliers
  • Have Access to Wines at a super low Member Pricing (2-3 times less than retail pricing)
  • Have Immediately access to our Refer 3 and it’s FREE (free wine for life) Program.
  • Have the ability to have Amazing Fine Wines delivered to your door each month.

Wine Lovers Opportunity

Direct Cellars is building a leadership team to grow their Wine of the Month Business to incredible heights.  This means that they are looking for Representative to Get In, Get Wine and Get Social with us.  VIEW THE OPPORTUNITY HERE

Be sure to select your Country in the Top Right Corner under “My County” to see it broken down in your Currency.

Follow the Steps below to get set up as a Customer or to Join our Team and have the rewards that having your Own Wine of the Month Wine Business can provide.



Follow the steps: Then Select the Level of Customer you are going to Start with. You can start with either, a Customer that just want Benefits of the Membership Club (FREE WINE every month) or as Rep that would like FREE WINE and the potential to grow a Residual Income Business, either can always upgrade, by selecting 2 or 4 bottles monthly.

NOTE: Regardless of your ONE TIME Enrollment Purchase, Representatives will be receiving 4 Bottles Monthly. Additional Wine can be purchased at huge savings (up to 40 off the Super Low Member Pricing).


Get your Enrollment Link and access to your Back Office.  Start sharing this New and Exciting Proven Business Model with your Colleagues.  You will be able to share with them your direct link to your ” Wine of the Month Business” with Direct Cellars. You will never be alone, we will be working with you every step of the way, together to build income and possibilities.

We will reach out, and support you. Should you wish to refer others, we will help you do that. We have been helping hundreds of customers to get their Wine each month for FREE. Furthermore, we are looking forward to you having free Wine! (This is truly special).

Right Now is the time to get Training and Access to Marketing Tools so you can build the level of Business you want with our Proven Support and Marketing Systems and Tools.


We will reach out, and support you. Should you wish to refer others, we will help you do that. We have been helping hundreds of Customers to get their Wine FREE each month. Building a relationship with Direct Cellars is truly Special. So Get In, Get Wine, Get Social



We will be focusing on growing our Family of Representatives and will be all working on our Customers. We have incredible and proven training and Marketing Systems ready to instruct you on. Once your application is received, we will be contacting you immediately with information to get going.


This creates incredible potential in incomes.

                                          Incredible and Global Growth and Possibilities.…Await.


Wime Logo


We are in the United States, United Kingdom, and now Opening up in Australia and Germany. We are growing into Mexico and Canada. All Reps with us have the ability to market in all Countries we are expanding into. World Class Marketing, Customer Acquisition and Business Building Training, Sales Tools, Marketing Systems all available. You will be contacted with these upon your Enrollment.


We have relationships with premium vineyards and wineries that produce amazing varieties of wine, so we can ship you something new every month to discover.


We negotiate on your behalf! We have wine buyers in 10+ different countries, and together we partner with top wineries to select premium wines you will love. Instead of using winery labels, we purchase wine directly from them and make the selections Direct Cellars premium brands.




Wine comes to us from all around the world and we always put that extra effort into it to ensure it’s wonderful.

We have expert winemakers, led by our Direct Cellars Director of Wine-making who makes sure every wine is handled with care, blended and aged with precision, and bottled beautifully for you to enjoy.





Since we source from around the world, we have distinctive brands representing the local beauty and character of where they are produced.


Our insider knowledge and esteemed partnerships, combined with the fact that we own our brands (avoiding huge advertising and retailing expenses) means we deliver great value to our Members.


Join us and enjoy wines that typically retail for 2 to 3 times our member prices

You can reorder your favorites online in your member account!

“All in the palm of your hand”

Take your business on the go!


Our unique business model takes advantage of a powerful e-commerce platform and global distribution channels so you have no overhead and carry no inventory:

We have expert winemakers, led by our Direct Cellars Director of Wine-making who makes sure every wine is handled with care, blended and aged with precision, and bottled beautifully for you to enjoy.


Our unique business model takes advantage of a powerful e-commerce platform and global distribution channels so you have no overhead and carry no inventory:

SIMPLE – Order and reorder online!

DIGITAL – No need to mess with forms or handle money.

REWARDS – 6+ ways to earn. The more you build, the more you earn.

SUPPORT – We create convenience by bringing you everything you need to build your business from home.



The benefits of becoming a Direct Cellars brand partner are endless… But here are just a few:

• Build a business just by sharing your knowledge and passion for good wine.

• Earn bonuses and commissions on your sales and team sales. Discover and learn about wine international varietals , with you won’t find anywhere else.

• You’re in business for yourself but never by yourself, we’ll provide you with the essentials to set you up for success from day one.

• And the best news… register just THREE customers and YOUR MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION IS NOW FREE!

And remember, success loves speed, so don’t wait…






















  1. Salim


    Hey, this is such a unique niches you’ve chosen and I feel lucky to check it out, this should be my first time of hearing or seeing anything related to wine club not to talk of Direct Cellars. But I’m quite convinced at the level of authenticity. Meanwhile, as a new member for free starter are there any training process we’ll go through and what determines one as a premium member?

    • Tina Dale

      Well Salim, I am here to help you out. Thanks for your comment and yes it is unique and fun. There is no real training, all you have to do is share your experience with the taste of Fine Wine. “Just be yourself and make it fun”. REMEMBER 3 and it’s Free. As a Rep you receive 4 Bottles every month and you have the choice of making Residual Income. CHECK OUT> for more information. Take a look around.

      Feel free to contact me if you need more help.

  2. Ayodeji

    Hey Tina,

    What a fantastic post! This is so chock full of useful information I can’t wait to dig deep and start utilizing the resources you have given me. This is really a business to go into and work my way into the club membership. I must admit I find it insightful to read your blogging. Keep up the good work.

  3. Babsie Wagner

    For anyone who loves wine (and making money, especially residual income) this opportunity sounds amazing.  I really like things like this that can be done online, where you can order and re-order right from your laptop or phone.  I hate businesses where you have to be responsible for money, and I don’t like forms, so this is perfect there too.

    Wow, you state there are six plus ways to earn in this?  That sounds like a great opportunity and the free wine perk also sounds like an intriguing concept.

    Thanks for sharing this information!

    • Tina Dale

      Thanks Babsie for your comment, The best part of the relationship with Direct Cellars is, not only do you build a Team, you build a Family. You are never left alone, Great Customer Support. I choice this opportunity because of the low investment and the opportunity to build a business from something I Love ‘WINE’. Meeting wonderful people and sharing my experience is a fantastic way of building a business. l am truly enjoying the perks and having fun.
      CHECK OUT> for more information.

  4. Emmally

    So what are some of the countries that you buy wine from? I would love to know more about the people that are behind the products. I always find the back stories fascinating. Do you as a company work hard to make sure that the producers are taken well care of?

    • admin

      Emmally thanks for your interest and comments. Some of the countries are France, Spain, Italy and more. My presentation with Direct Cellars will explain everything you need to know. Take a look at and if you have anymore question feel to contact me.

      CHECK it OUT>

  5. andy

    How much is the one time enrollment purchase?Do you have any idea when this club will be opening up in Canada? I think this sounds like a great opportunity to be a part of and I cannot yet join as I am in Canada. So I will bookmark this page and keep looking into it. I think anyone who loves wine would love free wine, plus a way to turn it into a business and make money at the same time. What a brilliant concept.

    • Tina Dale

      Hi Andy, thanks for your comment. It will be coming to Canada very soon, I can not give you the date. I would love for you to apart of a growing community. I can honestly say that I enjoy getting Free Wine and having fun building a business. I am grateful that you would bookmark my page, I’m inclosing a my link so you can look around. If you need help with anything feel free to contact me.

      CHECK OUT>

  6. Kenechi

    This wine may really be of a very high quality but why is it not in the open market. Is it only until I order for it or until I join your club before I can get The wine in a very large quantity.? What’s the ingredients involved in this wine and from where were they extracted?

    Then, apart from referral, how do I make money in your wine club? Is it alcoholic drinks?

    • Tina Dale

      Kenechi, I am here to help you understand what a wonderful opportunity this is. Thanks for your comment, I decided that I make it easy for you to understand, just take at my link This should help you with all your questions. If you need more help, just drop me line.

  7. Dapoach

    Firstly, I would like to start as a Customer that just want Benefits of the Membership Club whereby i would be entitled to FREE WINE every month. I also like the fact that the club gives an opportunity to earn as one builds up a team of people. i would consider joining this club as i know that i can evade my monthly subscription if i bring in and register just three customers. Thanks so much for this educative and innovative post. Hoping to get more posts from you subsequently.

    • Tina Dale

      Thank for your comment Dapoach, The best part of the membership is the 3 and It’s FREE. You can update to a Rep at anytime. Building a team with Direct Cellars is Awesome, Great People, Great Relationships and you are never left alone. CHECK OUT> Contact me if you need anymore help.

  8. Stella

    Would you like to be your own boss in a business you are passionate about,  setting a life  to break

    all  financial barriers that has been limiting your life?  How would it feel to work at your own time and ,

    at your own pace and have time to enjoy most luxury in life, Great ? Yes , you can achieve that and lots 

    more if you decide not to continue in the conventional jobs that has seems to  be the only way to make 

    ends meet.

    READY : Direct Cellars offers ” Best Wine Club Membership . Join the membership programme and they

    would set your business for you and you would have the opportunity to sell to your customers fresh made 

    wine from organic fruits, who would not want to taste fresh wine? If this sounds enormous to you , maybe you

    lack confident for now to start your own business,  Direct Cellars can equally offer you residual commissions 

    by sharing your knowledge and passion for good wine and on sales and team sales.

    So it is all a win win business with Direct Cellars.

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